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2018 - Witches Field-Guide

"Witches Field-Guide" serves as my first major Book Arts project. It's structure is heavily influenced by well known bookbinder Daniel Essig and his use of windows in the cover to display trinkets below. The pages are stained with tea to give an antique look. Inside the pages are decorated with various themes such as curio collectables, tarot depictions, potion designs and spell movements. The book is Coptic bound with wooden covers.

2019 - Forbidden Knowledge

"Forbidden Knowledge of the Apocalypse" explores the idea of chained libraries and preserved secrets. Each book represents and is themed around one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Within the books is iconography of its assigned Horsemen painted with watercolor. Illegible script is written throughout the texts.

The construction of this set of books was my exploration into sewing on raised cords.

"She is Not Alone" heavily focuses on the papermaking process. The covers are made from dried Iris leaves and the interior pages are an abaca and cotton blend in various ratios. Wintergreen transferred onto the pages is handwritten poetry focusing on the idea of being alone in nature and finding yourself. The three books are Japanese side stitched and are houses in my rendition of a "Hugo Peller Pop-Up box"

2019 - She is Not Alone

2020 - Path of Migration

"Path of Migration" focuses on shaped paper and stepping into a more sculptural way of thinking. The paper is an abaca and cotton blend stained with walnut dye from darker to lighter pages. Embroidery floss in embedded in the paper in litter dashed trails. To wrap things up, everything is sewn together onto a deer sacrum bone serving as the spine of the book.

"Colorful Creatures" is a playful collage featuring mythical creatures throughout various cultures in a fun and colorful style. Pages are decorated with a textured watercolor wash background with handmade paper and POSCA pen marker illustrations. The book is bound in the long-stich style with a faux leather cover.

2020 - Colorful Creatures

2020 - Lotus in Transition

"Lotus in Transition" is my full dive in the sculptural book form utilizing shaped paper cast over a mold. The paper is comprised of recycled paper blending in a gradient from pink to blue. Embroidery floss in embedded into the pages and tied together at the back of the book, holding the "petals" together to form the lotus shape. The color along with the shape of the book share a commentary on the Transgender experience of growth and rebirth.

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